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Princeton Baptist is an Acts 1:8 church

Jesus’ charge in Acts 1:8 to the 1st century church is no less true for the 21st century church. An Acts 1:8-focused church is not about size, staff, or even structure. Neither is it about a specific program. It’s about a church being about its core mission which is to reach the world for Christ. An Acts 1:8-focused church is more about a congregation’s passion than its percentages. It focuses more on its burden than its bigness. Christ’s mission in the world and His biblical mandate drives an Acts 1:8 church to become a worldwide missions center!

As an Acts 1:8 church we embrace the Great Commission and intentionally engage the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ in our Jerusalem (community), in Judea (state), in Samaria (continent), and to the Ends of the Earth (world). We are a church committed to:
  • Prepare

    By empowering leaders and mission teams to create strategies and plans to take the gospel to their community, state, continent, and world.

  • Learn

    About missions and increasing awareness of missions needs and missionaries by training its members.

  • Pray

    For a Kingdom perspective and worldwide vision, to intercede for Christian workers and for unevangelized people at home and abroad.

  • Give

    To increase its financial support of the Cooperative Program and other cooperative missions by providing information and resources to its members.

  • Go

    By educating the church about opportunities to participate in short-term, long-term, and marketplace ministries that helps to spread the gospel beyond the church's walls.

  • Tell

    By involving an increasing number of our members in intentional, culturally relevant evangelism.

  • Send

    By providing our members with opportunities to hear God's call to vocational mission service.

  • Multiply

    By participating in church planting, and facilitating church planting movements that reach people that existing churches do not.

Upcoming Missions Events

Uganda Mission 2024 Interest Meeting

Meets at Noon (After Worship). For more information contact Pastor Dwayne.
May 5, 2024